Three-season Garden for Full Sun by Darcy Daniels

Three-season Garden for Full Sun

Three layout options, thoroughly & artfully illustrated.

Detailed Plans to Help You Create This Garden at Home

Foliage and flowers in warm tones provide beauty and attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Drought-tolerant once established, these plants look best and flower most during their active growing season from spring to fall. For that reason, this combination is best suited for a location that doesn't need to look its best in winter. If winter interest is a priority, another planting vignette will be a better choice. Most of these plants go dormant in winter, though the tawny remains of the ornamental grass when it goes dormant provides some interest.

This vignette is especially suited for smaller gardens thanks to the dwarf stature of its anchoring shrub, Winecraft Black® Smokebush. If you’re gardening in a larger space and/or have difficulty finding this recently introduced variety, Cotinus 'Grace' would make a fine substitute, though you’ll want to re-evaluate quantity and spacing to accommodate its larger size.

These six plants were carefully selected to work perfectly together by garden design guru, Darcy Daniels of Bloomtown® Gardens.


Download this file for a clear, easy-to-follow plan for installing this garden at home. You'll get a to-scale drawing with placement and quantities of plants clearly identified.

What you'll get:
  • THREE Different Layout Designs (see the list below)
  • PDF file (18 letter-size pages)
  • Plan-view schematics showing location and quantity of each plant in two different bed configurations.
  • Elevation and bird's eye renderings to help you visualize how the garden looks.
Bed sizes included:
  • 8' deep x 16' wide, rectangular bed. Because it's designed to look good from all sides, it would work well in a boulevard strip or along the front edge of property. 
  • 7' deep x 10' wide, rectangular bed. Because it's designed to look good from one side, it would work well in front of a fence, wall, or against your house.
  • An ell-shaped bed with 14' legs tapering to 5'' at each end. This garden is designed to look from all sides so would work well as a front yard, street-side corner bed.
Download the Plans