Planting Plan for Serene Woodland Garden by Darcy Daniels

Planting Plan for Serene Woodland Garden

Planting Plan for Serene Woodland Garden

This is simple and serene planting scheme is composed of sweeps and drifts of foliage-first, low-maintenance plants enhanced by a summer-blooming panicle hydrangea and a smattering of blue blooms at its feet.

It's anchored by Stewartia pseudocamellia, a four-season tree with attractive bark all year, summer flowers and wonderful fall color. The Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight's apple-green blooms age to pink as they mature, providing interest from summer to fall, even remaining attractive when dried blooms remain on bare branch. Grassy golden foliage and the attractive, hard-working Hosta 'June' light up the ground plane while the rich green foliage of the evergreen ferns provide a tough but delicate-looking frame all year. A fringe of Veronica 'Georgia Blue' provides just-enough flower power early in the year with a more sporadic re-bloom through the summer and fall. An upright plum yew in deep green provides vertical lift and year-round structure.


Download this file for a clear, easy-to-follow plan for installing this garden at home. You'll get a to-scale drawing with placement and quantities of plants clearly identified.

What you'll get:
  • FOUR different layouts
  • PDF file (letter-size pages)
  • Plan-view schematics showing location and quantity of each plant
  • Use the quantities listed on each plan as a shopping list

Bed Sizes Included
  • 30 x 10' rectangular bed viewed from one side
  • (2) ell-shaped beds, one to be viewed from all sides, the other from inside the curve
  • and an island bed that is approximately 15' long and 10' deep.