Online Garden Coaching—per hour by Darcy Daniels

Online Garden Coaching—per hour

Very soon, I'll be offering the opportunity to connect in-person (virtually). I'll help you think through your garden design dilemma.

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Garden-making is fun, but challenging

Let's be honest, garden design isn't simple. But it's definitely simpler with a little help from a caring pro. My hope is that with the extra help of a personal conversation, you'll find that your path forward is bit clearer.

How it works and what to expect

I want to be very transparent: this not a silver bullet. Nor is it a substitute for a more comprehensive design process or in-person consultation. Sadly, no such substitute exists. Gardens are complex and ever-evolving—and therein lies the challenge and joy of garden-making. 😉  It can however be a convenient and inexpensive way to talk about the dilemmas you're facing with a seasoned garden pro. And that might be just enough to break whatever log jam you're in at the moment when it comes your personal project.

In short, this is how it works:

  1. We'll meet in an online meeting room. If you've ever attended a webinar or had an online meeting with someone, it'll feel familiar.
  2. Once you decide to book a call, and after you complete the checkout, you'll be provided a link where you can schedule your session from my available time slots.
  3. After booking, but before your call, I'll send you a questionnaire and additional tips for preparing for your call.