Low-water Flowery Plant Combo for Full Sun by Darcy Daniels

Low-water Flowery Plant Combo for Full Sun

Low-water Flowery Plant Combo for Full Sun

No water, no problem. And no sacrifice necessary—you'll be pleased with how good this combination looks year-round. This combination of low-maintenance plants provides a succession of colorful blooms from early spring to late summer—and if all goes well, into early fall. When not covered in flowers, plenty of evergreen foliage and a diversity of shapes and textures keep it interesting.

These seven plants were carefully selected to work perfectly together by garden design guru, Darcy Daniels of Bloomtown® Gardens.


Download this file for a clear, easy-to-follow plan for installing this garden at home. You'll get a to-scale drawing with placement and quantities of plants clearly identified.

What you'll get:
  • TWO Different Layout Designs (see the list below)
  • PDF file (letter-size pages)
  • Plan-view schematics showing location and quantity of each plant in three different bed configurations.
Bed sizes included:
  • 6' x 17', viewed from all sides; an informal, asymmetrical layout.
  • Ell-shaped bed with 12' legs; viewed from all sides.
Download the Plans