Full Sun Garden Plan Blooming Shrubs 4-Season Tree within Evergreen Frame by Darcy Daniels

Full Sun Garden Plan Blooming Shrubs 4-Season Tree within Evergreen Frame

Two layout options, thoroughly & artfully illustrated.

Detailed Plans to Help You Create This Garden at Home

This drought-tolerant planting combination for full sun features a variety of plant shapes, foliage colors and textures, and an evolving sequence of blooms that provide color from spring to fall. The anchoring tree, Natchez crape myrtle, provides a vertical lift to the overall scene, is decorated by summer blooms, delivers a nice display of fall color, and has beautifully smooth bark. Evergreen elements that provide year-round structure include Nandina, Cistus, the two varieties of Juniper, and the ground-covering succulent tapestry made up of Sedum and hens and chicken (Sempervivum).

The layouts included in this download are designed to look good from all sides so this combo is a great choice for adding curb appeal to a sunny front yard garden or parking strip.

These eleven plants were carefully selected to work perfectly together by garden design guru, Darcy Daniels of Bloomtown® Gardens.


Download this file for a clear, easy-to-follow plan for installing this garden at home. You'll get a to-scale drawing with placement and quantities of plants clearly identified.

What you'll get:
  • TWO Different Layout Designs (see the list below)
  • PDF file (letter-size pages)
  • Plan-view schematics showing location and quantity of each plant in two different bed configurations.
Bed sizes included:
  • 9' deep x 35' wide, rectangular bed. Because it's designed to look good from all sides and includes a path, it would work well in a boulevard strip or along the front edge of property. 
  • An ell-shaped bed with legs of 30' and 19, tapering to 7' at each end'. Designed to look from all sides.
Download the Plans