Foliage-driven Garden Plan with Abundant Summer Flowers by Darcy Daniels

Foliage-driven Garden Plan with Abundant Summer Flowers

Cool Plants, Great Combo! Now What?

This planting plan unlocks the secrets behind the pretty picture!


These plants were carefully selected to work perfectly together by garden design guru, Darcy Daniels, creator of eGardenGo and designer with Bloomtown® Gardens.

A focus on foliage ensures that this plant combination will look good for months on end—from spring to fall, fab foliage creates an engaging tableau with its variety of textures. In summer, abundant blooms add to the show—the dwarf form of the Quickfire™panicle hydrangea is surrounded by a carpet of pretty pink blooms from the hardy geranium.

Download this file for a clear, easy-to-follow plan for installing this garden at home. You'll get a to-scale drawing with placement and quantities of plants clearly identified.

What you'll get:

  • THREE different layout options
  • PDF file (letter-size pages)
  • Plan-view schematic showing location and quantity of each plant

Layouts available:

  • 16 x 10' bed viewed from one side
  • 16 x 10 bed for viewing from all sides
  • rectangular bed 8 x 20 for viewing from all sides.