Foliage Combo for Shaded Woodland by Darcy Daniels

Foliage Combo for Shaded Woodland

Foliage Combo for Shaded Woodland


The colorful foliage in varied shapes and textures make an interesting and engaging display that looks good year-round but is particularly effective spring to fall, when all its members are present and in fine form. The color palette leans toward warm with its golden and bronze accents and is all the brighter when backed by the dark-green foliage of the Degroot's spire conifer. The narrow, columnar form of the conifer lifts the eye and is complemented by the rounded rhododendron, the large hosta leaves with their light yellow margin add a bright note, mounds of grassy foliage add movement and strong textural contrast, and the clumps of coral-colored foliage (Heuchera 'Rio') speak to the new foliage color of the Rhododendron 'Elizabeth Ostbo'. The rhododendron is valued for its color new foliage but also offers up red blooms in spring.

What you'll get:
  • FIVE different layout options
  • PDF file (letter-size pages)
  • Plan-view schematics showing location and quantity of each plant
  • Use the quantities listed on each plan as a shopping list

Bed Sizes Included
  • 5 x 5 Pocket garden viewed from one side
  • 6 x 10' island bed designed to be viewed from all sides
  • 8 x 16' rectangular bed viewed from both sides
  • Ell-shaped bed with 12' legs, includes the tree, designed to be viewed from all sides
  • and an 8' x 16' rectangular bed that includes the tree and is designed to be viewed from one side.